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    everybody will talk about u .
    about what you have done.
    included those in the past or .. anything .

    people observe ur behavior .
    though u didnt mean it .
    people are used to judge other by their own morals.

    yep ,
    rumor can kill u .
    for good or bad .
    if u care .


    i dont understand its right or wrong .
    people's opinions are different.

    but its very clear .
    they say u r wrong,

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Mo W.

【Mo】Be honest , simple , self

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  • allen74
  • no matter its good or bad.
    u could know the fact in ur mind.

    just like u said "if u care"
    CARE-->waver yourself but its useless
    NO CARE-->what them think just like shit

    The summary is that you could listen the voice and referance it.
    BUT u dont need really , so , too , careeeeeeeee about it .

    Good night

  • i dont care rumor.
    people likes talk about that cause u can show something.
    included me.

    im care the other..
    and its more complicated..
    let me down.
    make me afraid.

    Mo W. 於 2009/05/18 12:49 回覆

  • allen74
  • reference才對XD
  • 無所謂撲
    我都不確定我留言的文法對不對 XD

    Mo W. 於 2009/05/18 12:53 回覆

  • ray7464
  • 我真的看完了~好累!!
  • shinewe
  • 幹麻欺負我
  • 悄悄話
  • casper0114
  • ㄟ...每個人嘛



    恩= =||||||||||||
  • 悄悄話
  • sansui1126
  • 恩,合在一起看是有那麼點吃力...